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About Us

"Where empowering people makes a better community."

RJEC Mission: Renee Jones Empowerment Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is unique in providing holistic restorative services for minor and adult human trafficking and sexual assault victims. These victims face many adverse challenges such as physical and emotional abuse, poverty, and addiction. The Center's mission is to empower these individuals to advocate for themselves and to improve their quality of life through personal, social, and professional development. The Center is devoted to preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation by actively engaging the community in anti-trafficking efforts and educating service professionals, law enforcement, educators, students, parents, and the community on the realities of this growing crime.

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Our Story

The Renee Jones Empowerment Center has operated on Cleveland’s near west side since 2002 and provides programs and services in the greater Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs. As Ms. Jones continued her work with vulnerable individuals, she began to meet an increasing number of human trafficking victims. In response to the urgent and unique needs of these women, RJEC started Project Red Cord in 2008. Today, the Center focuses much of its efforts on advocacy and support for the survivors of human trafficking. RJEC also works directly with members of law enforcement, who connect adult victims to the Center. A majority of these women have chosen to work with the RJEC in rebuilding their lives. At its Brooklyn Centre office, RJEC staff and volunteers provide free life enhancing services through support groups, art therapy, plant club, horse therapy and journal writing. Since 2008, RJEC is the only Northeast Ohio 501(c)(3) agency committed to providing life coaching, direct services and aftercare services through the Project Red Cord program for those with the courage to break the human trafficking cycle and escape the commercial sex industry.

Meet the Team

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