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The RJEC Global Initiative in the battle against Human Trafficking, this effort aims to offer new ideas on how RJEC's treatment and outreach strategies can be used to combat this crime on a worldwide scale, and will include the following:



  1. Using Teamwork to Combat Human Trafficking

  2. Using Technology Connections to Combat Human Trafficking

  3. Creating Virtual Classrooms for Round Table Discussions

  4. Providing Professional Development Opportunities

  5. Additional Human Trafficking Prevention Strategies

Renee Jones Empowerment Centre joins Malawi Government and Hope TV and Radio to introduce a weekly magazine program "M’Chipululu" (The Desert) M’Chipululu is a Malawian local language for Deserts in English.


In introducing the weekly educational and awareness program against trafficking in persons, one of our key partners, Hope TV, decided to name the program “M’Chipululu” (Desert). Deserts are one of the most difficult places to live. The main characteristic of deserts is that they are extremely dry. The situation in a Desert is very difficult for humans to survive. Experiences faced by victims of human trafficking makes it difficult to survive as others will be killed for organs and other become victims of sexual exploitation. They experience such an extremely hard life that makes it difficult to survive.


The program is about prevention. Through the program, the victims of human trafficking and those at risk will be helped to understand that walking out of the hands of traffickers is not easy as it requires one to take a firm stand beside the control used and all the promises offered by the traffickers. Sometimes the journey to freedom for victims of trafficking in persons or at-risk, unemployed, or vulnerable people is painful. We need to choose wisely as force promises can subject you to a life like in a desert.

Parallel Lines

Human Trafficking Training for teen mothers.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training for primary school teachers from different
private schools in Dzaleka Camp.

Congratulations to our 1st Graduating Class from the RJEC Human Trafficking Leadership Academy, as part of our Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp working in Partnership with the WYEO Organization (Women & Youth Empowerment Organization).

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